New Member on board: Christine Boateng

Somewhere Films welcomes its newest member, Christine Boateng into the collective! As a graduate of University of Ghana with a special elective area major in Radio, Video / Film and Television production, Christine believes in visually telling the stories that matter and are relevant to the African society & diaspora by using film as her mode of expression.


Instagram: Onlychristine__ 

Current Projects


Christine is very passionate about arts & film making and has participated in workshops at Zanzibar International Film Festival as well as FESPACO in Burkina Faso. She also volunteers and works for organizations such as the Africa Film Society and Nubuke Foundation alongside developing a series of independent film projects / experiments in Accra. 

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The project that got our attention was Christine's short film, The Carrier, her final year radio, tv, video/film project. When a young boy Kpakpo prefers drawing / painting to boxing , he suffers the consequences of his father’s wrath , a hard man who was once also a boxing legend. You can watch it here: The Carrier on Vimeo / Password - coachflower 

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Christine is currently working on a project on Muslim women empowerment:

"This documentary film project will be primarily centred in Nima Accra, which is the strategic location I chose to work at partly because I believe that there’s more to Nima than the perceptions and pre conceived ideas that many people associate with the ‘slum’ that they consider it to be. The project seeks to highlight girl empowerment among Muslim girls, relevance of education for these girls because it can help them make an impact, futile friendships, and religion- also to highly address these girls being seen as weaker vessels and how girls can empower each other despite the shortcomings of their environment , religious discipline , lack of support , no mentorship , unvalued girl child education, early / forced marriages and how they thrive to prove themselves in a seemingly difficult community and how they can make something out of themselves and benefit the society in any little way possible."

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