Storytelling Workshops

Twice this year some of our members have had the opportunity to work with local and migrant communities to teach short workshops on the art of storytelling in film. Though we’re firm believers in hands on training and DIY production, it’s been our sense that breaking down how to tell an engaging story is a universal skill that will be useful to people who might not otherwise easily have their voices heard.

In April Shireen Hinckley and Anna Dobos spent 3 weeks in Hebron, in the West Bank, learning about local journalist practice and crafting the outlines of their curriculum.

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In July, Shireen and Anna were joined by Chiara Towne on Lesvos, Greece to shoot promotional material for Mytilini based organisation Mosaik and to team up with ReFocus Media Labs. They continued with and expanded on their experiences in Hebron and helped lead a short series of workshops likewise focusing on storytelling.

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Anna Dobos