2016-2017 Reel



Director and Editor: Somayeh Jafari
Producer: Somayeh Jafari
Cinematography: Karol Jurga and Somayeh Jafari
Steadicam: Matt Allsop
Focus Puller: Jonathan O’Meally
Colourist: Thomas Mangham
Stylist: Alicia Rodriguez
Make up: Alphoncine Kanundowe
Runner: Patience Mandinyenya
Dancers: Monique Jonas + Treasure Iyamu
Choreography: Somayeh Jafari
Titles by: Daniela Correia
PinkBird recording co.
Artists: Malick IV
Music Producer: EINGNICKDRE:
Music Producer: Kevin Gani
Engineer & Backing Vocals: Rick David
Guitarist: Richard Melkonian

‘Kneel, Rise’ is a fashion film that juxtaposes memories of growing up in England wearing a hijab with empowered images of young women in the hijab.

Written and directed by: Somayeh Jafari & Mitch Kalisa
Edited by: Somayeh Jafari & Mitch Kalisa
DOP: Anna Dobos

Bájúláyé: Ode to Kin uses the power of dance and motion to embody the bond of brotherhood. 

Directed by Laura Alston
Cinematography & Editing by Anna Dobos
Produced by Susie Peng

‘Someone’ sets out to illustrate the bittersweet nostalgia or returning to the place in which you grew up, but in which you never felt you belonged.

Written and directed by Somayeh Jafari & Mitch Kalisa
Cinematography by Anna Dobos
Edited by Somayeh Jafari & Mitch Kalisa