We feel strongly about enabling our filmmakers to produce work they're passionate about, rather than just what pays the bills. We aim to fund and produce 2-4 of these projects per year.

Our projects for 2018 are thus far Local Alien and Art/Work

Your donations will go exclusively towards production and post production costs, such as hiring crew, local fixers and translators at reasonable day rates, security if necessary, video transcription, subtitles, scoring and color grading.

Fractured Atlas

You can donate a tax deductible lump sum through Fractured Atlas, our fiscal sponsor. 


You can donate monthly on our Patreon and receive preview content and expense updates.


The Perks of Patronage


Our investors are our first audience, and therefore are our priority. As we educate ourselves, we want to bring you along. In addition to credit on our website and any published material, we will email you a monthly update on the work we’re doing and detail how your contribution has made an impact. You will also have access to in-depth write ups on the history, economics and policies surrounding the areas we explore, as well as early access to the material we put together. We can also create a newsletter just for you, tailoring it to your personal interests.

We want to invite you into the creative process, give you the opportunity to ask questions, and to show your investment in action.

Any donation is appreciated, and will help make this project happen. We are truly grateful for the support of our friends and our community. We are happy to answer questions and can be reached by email on our "Get in Touch" page.


Thank you to the patrons who support our work

Nilou Fotouhi - Bill Warner - Christopher Bonis - Shadi Fotouhi - Kee Hinckley - Kendall Credi - John Marston - Jackie Bonis - Jonathan Ross - Priscilla Hinckley - Rich Sadowsky - Naomi Isaac